Marianne Schaub-Hristić

Attorney, Dr. iur.

One of my preferred areas of practice is advising and assisting in all questions of real estate law. I predominantly support you in your capacity as landlord, property manager, landowner, buyer or seller and builder or entrepreneur. For companies I offer tailor-made solutions as an external legal department.

General contract law

  • Contract design, review and negotiation
  • Advice on the implementation, interpretation and analysis of contracts
  • Drafting and updating needs-based contract models
  • Sample contracts and general terms and conditions (GTC)
  • Assertion of contractual rights and claims

Employment law

  • COVID-19 (Corona): Effects on employment relationships and wage payment
  • Employment contracts
  • Notices of termination, declarations of release from duties
  • Wage claims

Debt enforcement and discharge

  • Assertion of receivables by way of debt enforcement and bankruptcy
  • Discharge proceedings
  • Securing assets through distraint
  • Enforcement of foreign judgements and other claims

Property law

  • Property and its use
  • Drafting of purchase contracts
  • Liens and registration of easements
  • Usufruct
  • Right of abode agreements
  • Capital gains tax on property
  • Property sales

Tenancy law

  • COVID-19 (Corona): Consequences and possibilities in tenancy law
  • Advice for landlords and administrations
  • Design and conclusion of rental contracts
  • Rent increases after (total) renovations
  • Assertion of rights and obligations arising from rental contracts
  • Procedure for dealing with defects in rented leased property
  • Procedure for dealing with tenant rent arrears
  • Termination of rental contracts
  • Rent collection
  • Representation before arbitration authorities and courts
  • Eviction procedures

Condominium ownership and law on neighbour relations

  • Neighbours’ rights and obligations
  • Excessive (noise) emissions
  • Trees and shrubs under the law of neighbour relations
  • Rights and obligations arising from condominium ownership
  • Contesting decisions of the condominium owners

Contract for work and private building law

  • Design and conclusion of contracts for work and architecture contracts
  • Registration, deletion of building contractor liens
  • Assertion of claims arising from contracts for work
  • Work defects / claims for defects
  • Reworking
  • Excessive (noise) emissions

Horse law

  • Advice on buying horses and drafting purchase agreements
  • Procedure in case of “defects” of the purchased horse
  • Drafting and conclusion of horse pension contracts
  • Enforcement of rights as horse pension provider


German, Serbo-Croat, Italian, French, English


Admitted to the bar in Zurich
Doctorate at the University of Zurich

Further training

March 2019
Journey through spatial planning and building law in Zurich (Specialist Section on Building Law)
Sept. 2017
3rd conference on condominium ownership: The community of condominium owners – curse or blessing?
Porträt im Plädoyer
March 2015
The shell rent – permissibility and limits (Specialist Section on Tenancy Law)
Dec. 2014
The precautionary evidence in construction cases (Specialist Section in Building Law)
Nov. 2013
Warranty for entire overbuildings (Specialist Section in Building Law)
Sept. 2013
Lucerne Condominium Ownership Day
Sept. 2013
Transfer of rights and obligations to a third party in accordance with Art. 263 OR [Swiss Code of Obligations] (Specialist Section on Tenancy Law)
Oct. 2012
Tenancy and Property Law – Aspects of the Law of Procedure (Conference staged by the University of St. Gallen)
Feb. 2012
Eviction of tenants in accordance with Art. 257 ZPO [Swiss Code of Civil Procedure] (Specialist Section on Tenancy Law)
Jan. 2012
Changes to the Law on Immovable Property (SJWZ-Conference)
Juni 2010
Conference on the ZPO staged by the Stiftung für juristische Weiterbildung Zurich [Foundation for Further Legal Training]
Nov. 2009
Rental of Business Premises
May 2008
Practitioner’s Conference on Building Law

Outside activities

Since 2018
Member of the Commission for Expropriation, Building Insurance and Fire Protection of the Canton of Schaffhausen
Since 2008
Commentator for the push-service of in the field of tenancy and leasehold law –
Since 2008
Arbitrator (landlord representative) at the arbitration body for tenancy and leasehold issues in the district of Andelfingen
2006 – 2018
Member of the Examinations Committee for the municipality of Andelfingen

Professional activities

Founded Schaub Hochl Rechtsanwälte AG (Incorporated)
Partner in the law firm of Schaub Hochl
2005 – 2007
Head of Legal Services in a Winterthur-based property management company which operates nationwide throughout Switzerland
2004 – 2005
Lawyer in a law firm based in Winterthur
Legal employee in the Human Resources department of a Winterthur-based property management company which operates nationwide throughout Switzerland
2001 – 2003
Legal secretary in a district court in the canton of Zurich; chairperson of the arbitration body for tenancy and leasehold issues
Legal administrative employee in the claims department of a legal protection insurance company in Zurich


  • Zurich Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association
  • «Pikett Strafverteidigung» Association [Stand-by Criminal Defence]
  • Specialist Section of the Zurich Bar Association on Tenancy Law
  • Specialist Section of the Zurich Bar Association on Building Law
  • Home Owners’ Association Winterthur and local district
  • Legal Services Pro Juventute, contract law
  • Professional Association for the Region of Andelfingen