Stephanie Knutti

Lawyer, lic. iur.

I mainly work in the fields of tax law, public building law and general administrative law. I am at your disposal as a private person, family, company or public authority in tax matters as well as in the areas of building, inheritance and company law.

COVID-19 (Corona)

  • Checking claims and asserting claims in the event of flight cancellations (reimbursement of costs and compensation)

Administrative Law

  • Claims arising from administrative legal relationships
  • Licences, concessions and subsidies
  • Public compensation law (property guarantee, expropriations, state liability)
  • Charges and fees

Adult protection law

  • Precautionary order, living will
  • Support in guardianship matters
  • Support / consultation of guardians in all matters,
    including tax components
  • Assumption of guardianship
  • Representation before the adult protection authorities and appeal bodies

Association and foundation law

  • Advice for associations and foundations
  • Tax rulings in connection with the recognition of non-profit status (tax exemption)

Corporate law

  • Company law and commercial register issues, e.g. commercial register entries
  • Advice on the formation of companies, preparation of the necessary documents (articles of association, etc.)
  • Actions for liability, exclusion from the company
  • Cancellation of shares, promissory notes

Contract law

  • General contract law
  • Agency contract law (including claims for damages, e.g. medical liability)
  • Loan law

Construction law

  • Purchase agreements
  • Servitudes
  • Registration of building craftsmen’s liens
  • Public spatial, planning and building law: building permit, objection and appeal
  • Public submission procedures (public procurement law): appeal of the award decision; prevention of awarding contracts during appeal proceedings (suspensive effect)


  • Preparation of tax returns for natural persons (specialising in tax returns on the date of death and real estate law issues)
  • Tax representation / procedural law for individuals and legal entities (objections, appeals, negotiations with authorities)
  • Preparation of tax rulings
  • Self-disclosure and post-taxation
  • International tax law: DBA’s, residency principle vs. real estate location etc.
  • Real estate gains tax (specialized in the Zurich real estate gains tax):
    • Preparation of property gains tax returns and rulings
    • Advice on restructuring and the preparation of rulings
    • Tax representation/procedural law (negotiations with tax authorities, objections/recourses)
    • Enforcement of the right to be heard
    • Advice / representation of the buyer in lien registrations / lien proceedings 

Inheritance Law


German, English


Admitted to the bar in Zurich
Licenciate Faculty of Law, University of Zurich
Wirtschaftsgymnasium Büelrain, Winterthur

Professional activities

Lawyer at Schaub Hochl Rechtsanwälte AG
2017 – 2019
Head of Legal Services Tax Office for the city of Winterthur
(Real Estate Tax Department)
Research Assistant, Faculty of Law, University of Zurich
Lawyer in a law firm in Winterthur
Lawyer in a tax and legal consulting firm in Zurich
Substitute in a law firm in Zurich
Legal secretary at the Zurich District Court
2007 – 2008
Various promotional activities in the advertising and automotive sector
Part-time employment as air traffic clerk at Zurich Airport
Attorney’s secretary in a Zurich law firm


  • Zurich Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association
  • UZH alumni ius
  • Specialist Section of the Zurich Bar Association on Building Law