Stephanie Knutti

Lawyer, lic. iur.

Adult protection law

  • Support in guardianship matters
  • Support / consultation of guardians in all matters,
    including tax components
  • Assumption of guardianship
  • Representation before the adult protection authorities and appeal bodies

Association and foundation law

  • Advice for associations and foundations
  • Tax rulings in connection with the recognition of non-profit status (tax exemption)

Corporate law

  • Company law and commercial register issues, e.g. commercial register entries
  • Advice on the formation of companies, preparation of the necessary documents (articles of association, etc.)
  • Actions for liability, exclusion from the company

Debt enforcement and discharge

  • Enforcement of claims by means of debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Opening of proceedings and proceedings for annulment, disqualification and appeal
  • Assistance with the recognition of foreign bankruptcy decrees
  • Support with administrator mandates in inheritance proceedings and non-official bankruptcy administrator mandates
  • Debtor counselling (budget or, for example, if a credit agreement (adhesion agreements) is to be terminated)

Employment law, public employment law

  • Review and drafting of employment contracts
  • Arbitration proceedings / representation before courts and authorities, negotiations (wage claims, dismissal, mobbing, employer’s references)
  • Further legal areas in connection with labour law: social security law and tax law (e.g. in the case of severance pay)
  • Advice/support for letters of application (letters of motivation) or compilation of application documents, preparation for interviews, conduct during exit interviews

Foreigners law

  • Residence permit
  • Effect of the separation of spouses on the residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Naturalization
  • Work permit

Other contract law

  • General contract law
  • Agency contract law (including claims for damages, e.g. medical liability)
  • Loan law

Public construction law

  • Public spatial, planning and building law: building permit, objection and appeal
  • Public submission procedures (public procurement law): appeal of the award decision; prevention of awarding contracts during appeal proceedings (suspensive effect)

The challenge of the award is subject to a short – usually 10-day – time limit. Therefore, please contact us immediately so that the award can be contested and a complaint submitted to the competent court in due time.

Separation and divorce law

  • Protection of the marital union
  • Divorce and separation
  • Alimony


  • Preparation of tax returns for natural persons (specialising in tax returns on the date of death and real estate law issues)
  • Tax representation / procedural law for individuals and legal entities (objections, appeals, negotiations with authorities)
  • Preparation of tax rulings
  • Self-disclosure and post-taxation
  • International tax law: DBA’s, residency principle vs. real estate location etc.
  • Real estate gains tax (specialized in the Zurich real estate gains tax):
    • Preparation of property gains tax returns and rulings
    • Advice on restructuring and the preparation of rulings
    • Tax representation/procedural law (negotiations with tax authorities, objections/recourses)
    • Enforcement of the right to be heard
    • Advice / representation of the buyer in lien registrations / lien proceedings 


German, English


Zürcher Anwaltspatent
Lizentiat Universität Zürich
Wirtschaftsgymnasium Büelrain in Winterthur

Professional activities

Selbständige Rechtsanwältin bei der Schaub Hochl Rechtsanwälte AG
2017 – 2019
Leiterin Rechtsdienst Steueramt der Stadt Winterthur (Abteilung Grundsteuern)
Wissenschaftliche Assistentin Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität Zürich
Rechtsanwältin in einer Winterthurer Anwaltskanzlei
Rechtsanwältin in einem Steuer- und Rechtsberatungsunternehmen in Zürich
Juristin in einer Zürcher Anwaltskanzlei
Juristin Bezirksgericht Zürich
2007 – 2008
Diverse Promotionstätigkeiten im Werbe- und Automobilbereich
Nebentätigkeit als Flugverkehrsangestellte Flughafen Zürich
Anwaltssekretärin in einer Zürcher Anwaltskanzlei


  • Zürcher Anwaltsverband und Schweizerischer Anwaltsverband
  • UZH alumni ius